Senior Content Creator/Editor at Axel Standard

Full Time
3 months ago

The Senior Content Creator / Editor is responsible for producing content spanning various subject areas and addressing different target audiences.

You are supposed to transform complex accounting jargon into human language. And you work to facilitate the communication between Axel Standard and different types of audiences by producing enriching and insightful content to deliver a beautiful reading experience. 

The scope of work includes:

1. The latest national tax policy and the macro environment affecting SAAS applications.

2. The latest technological developments in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data and the potential fiscal implications on small businesses and taxation.

3. Cloud computing tools for small business covering operating capital planning, monitoring, and management.

4. Business and financial management/control programs in the form of case studies based on SAAS applications.

5. Accounting firm management practices and organizational improvement.

6. Topics covering small business accounting practices and techniques. 

7. Topics covering small business tax practices and techniques. 

8. Small business financial analysis based on SAAS reports and BI tools.

9. Edit product descriptions, and marketing related articles for software introduced by Axel Standard in the SAAS marketplace.



The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is passionate about small businesses and entrepreneurial in spirit. This position requires that the candidate spend hands-on time with small business owners to understand different business models spanning different industries and conceptualize their businesses in a way that can be easily communicated.

• Bachelor degree majoring in Finance or Accounting related fields.

• Good writing skills and enthusiasm for producing professional content and product-related texts.

• The ability to learn quickly on the job and source knowledge from experts within the company.


The company will conduct small business cloud SAAS application and financial advisory training for the staff and provide support on the job.


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