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Cindy's Umami by Han

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Scope-of-business-/-----: The story of Cindy's Umami by Han began when two like-minded entrepreneurs met during the 2016 Holland-Rotterdam-Chinese cooking competition. Han Ji, the founder of Umami by Han met Cindy and her team. Both are devoted to the restaurant industry. They decided that their complementary skills would allow for a successful cooperation. Cindy’s Umami by Han focuses on the true flavour of its ingredients, values uniqueness and combines tradition with modern cuisine. By doing so, it merges Chinese and Western taste into a new way of oriental dining: simple, stylish and healthy. Our chefs carefully select the highest quality ingredients from all over the world. The special Western-style dishes highlight the oriental flavours and come with a slightly sour taste on the tongue. Healthy, fresh and delicious are the three core values of Cindy’s Umami by Han. Our organic vegetables serve as the right fit to a healthy lifestyle and are selected by their quality and freshness.
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