BenCham & Globi: World Traineeship

Author: BenCham Beijing

Globi trainees at the Dutch Embassy in Beijing


From April 9th to April 13th, BenCham welcomed 14 students from the Netherlands who came to Beijing under the umbrella of the Globi World Traineeship. The traineeship allowed them to learn more about Chinese culture, but more specific gain an understanding of what it is like to work in an international company in Beijing. Even though it was the first time for these 14 students to travel to China, they were highly motivated and more than ready to take up this new challenge.


Apart from getting an understanding of life in China, the main goal in coming to Beijing was to gain work experience in an international setting. Participating companies and organizations in this edition were 1421 Consulting, Roundabout, Neso China, BFSU, Sovereign Group, de Rode Leeuw, the Hilton Hotel and the EU SME Centre.

The tasks were diverse depending on the company. At the charity organization Roundabout the students were involved in all aspects of the organization, from working in their new boutique shop to researching new opportunities for fundraising. The trainees at 1421 Consulting performed market research on electric vehicles and the student at the Rode Leeuw assisted the Dutch language teacher in all classes. In addition to their busy working days, the trainees also participated in an elaborate cultural program, including a tai chi class organized by Frontiers School.


Together with a group of Dutch and Chinese students participating in the Globi exchange program, the trainees were invited to the Dutch Embassy in Beijing. During this morning they learned about the role of the embassy and they got the chance to present their experiences to the Dutch Ambassador to China Ed Kronenburg.


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Trainees presenting at the Dutch Embassy in Beijing

Trainees Chloe & Kim presenting at the Dutch Embassy in Beijing