1 week ago | Beijing
Linearis Translations is now hiring freelance translators and interpretors in language combinations EN-ZH-EN; ES-ZH-ES; ZH-FR-ZH; DE-ZH-DE;RU-ZH-RU; IT-ZH-IT;NL-ZH-NL.
1 month ago | Beijing
Stichting De Rode Leeuw organiseert Nederlands onderwijs in Beijing voor kinderen van 4 t/m 18 jaar die Nederlands als moedertaal hebben. De Rode Leeuw is opgericht in 2004 en is als NTC-school aangesloten bij Stichting NOB. In november 2017 is De Rode Leeuw positief beoordeeld door de Nederlandse onderwijsinspectie.
1 month ago | Beijing
In this position, you will be comprehensively responsible for the growth of our North China office. This entails potential client approach & networking, partner development & management, client communication, and providing value-added advisory for clients during the sales process. This role represents Fiducia in North China in alignment with our Hong Kong headquarters.
2 months ago | Beijing
BenCham is now launching calls for young talents who are interested in doing an internship at BenCham with a broad variety of responsibilities.
2 months ago | Management | Shanghai
KCI World’s Shanghai office is looking for a highly driven commercial manager for their Shanghai office, reporting directly to their Director in the Netherlands.
2 months ago | Content writer | Shanghai
Megi China is an online accounting platform directed for small businesses in China and Asia Pacific. It connects start-ups and business owners alike with their banks, accountants, bookkeepers and other advisors on one stunningly unified software. They are now looking for a senior content writer / editor to join their team.
3 months ago | Fund and investment management | Luxembourg
Tus Science & Technology Service Group (Tus S&T) is currently looking for a fund manager/officer to support their funds and investment plans in Europe.
3 months ago | Finance and investment management | Luxembourg
Tus Science & Technology Service Group (Tus-S&T) are currently looking for two managers in M&As to support our growth plans in Europe.