Benelux police chiefs launch Benelux-app to facilitate transboundary police operations

Author: BenCham Beijing

During a strategic consultation on Benelux level, police chiefs Catherine De Bolle (BE), Hans Vissers (NL) and Philippe Schrantz (LU) launched a smartphone application meant for Benelux police officers dealing with transboundary operations.

In hectic situations, such as during an arrest or when under general threat, there is usually little time to access relevant rules and contact details. Hence, the Benelux app facilitates police officers during cross-border actions to quickly contact authorities and access the rules of the respective country. Moreover, this app provides on site police officers with practical scenario’s and instructions.

All in all, this Benelux app aims to positively enhance Benelux police cooperation by ensuring a reliable communication tool for police officers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The app is constantly being updated, to ensure that Benelux police officers are able to act decisively within legal bounds.

Because of the Benelux police cooperation treaty 2004, police officers in the Benelux have reinforced capacity to act cross-borderly. This treaty is currently being modernized.



(Dutch) Benelux-politiechefs lanceren een Benelux-app om grensoverschrijdend optreden te faciliteren

(French) Les chefs de Police Benelux lancent une application Benelux pour faciliter les interventions transfrontalières