Challenges and Government Supporting Measures for SMEs to Combat COVID-19

Note from Jan Hu, General Manager of Benelux Chamber of Commerce Beijing:  Based on different surveys conducted in the past week, it is obvious that SMEs are most hit by the outbreak of COVID-19. To help SMEs to combat the impact of COVID-19, the Chinese government, from central government to local municipalities, has adopted various measures to support SMEs to overcome the difficulties and revive their businesses. EUCCC and EUSME Centre organized a good webinar on this topic on February 20. We recommend the below PPT prepared for and delivered to the webinar, by the China Centre for the Promotion of the Development of SMEs (under MIIT) which provides a very comprehensive summary that can serve as a guide for us to locate, analyze, and seek application of, those measures and policies applicable to your industry in general and your region in particular. It remains to be seen how these measures and incentive policies will be implemented and applied in practice and this requires our efforts to follow up with the respective local authorities and departments for implementation.


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