How Can Your Company Access Belt and Road Funding?

Author: Brecht Timmermans

This article is part of “China-EU BRI Business Series” released by the Belt and Road Advisory in cooperation with the Benelux Chamber of Commerce.

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This piece continues a three episodes series that will culminate in a training seminar event by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and the EU SME Centre featuring a speaker from the Belt and Road Advisory. Follow the series to learn about the opportunities that the Belt and Road Initiative opens to European businesses.


This article will:

  • Introduce the available sources of BRI financing;
  • Show you a case study of how a Chinese funding was acquired for an impressive European project;
  • Tell you how to attract Chinese investors through developing your own “BRI brand”


The magnitude of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) captures headlines all around the world Some estimations say that by 2030 as much as 2 trillion USD will be invested in BRI projects worldwide. Many governments and companies would like to access those BRI funds, but how to do so remains unclear.

So where does the BRI funding come from and how can you access it?

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