How Can Your Company Get Involved in the Belt and Road Initiative?

Author: BenCham Beijing

This article is part of “China-EU BRI Business Series” released by the Belt and Road Advisory in cooperation with the Benelux Chamber of Commerce.

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With this piece, we open a three episodes series that will culminate in a training event led by the Belt and Road Advisory and co-organised by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and the EU SME Centre that will take place on the 14th of December in Beijing. Follow the series to learn about the opportunities that the Belt and Road Initiative opens to European businesses.


This article will:

  • Question the assumptions often made about the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI);
  • Highlight successful case studies of companies benefiting from BRI;
  • Describe 3 steps in which you can start to benefit from BRI.


Five years since its announcement, the publicity received by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been steadily growing. The initiative covers 67% of the world’s population, almost 35% of world GDP and around 40% of world trade. BRI comprises multiple infrastructure projects across Eurasia, Africa and beyond, and hopes to boost China’s trade relations with the world.


We’re still in the early stages, but even now it is clear the scale of the initiative is unprecedented. If successful, the BRI will have profound impacts around the world.




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