How to Leverage the Belt and Road Strategies of Your Chinese Partners

Author: Brecht Timmermans

This article is part of “China-EU BRI Business Series” released by the Belt and Road Advisory in cooperation with the Benelux Chamber of Commerce.

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This piece continues a three episodes series that will culminate in a training seminar event by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and the EU SME Centre featuring a speaker from the Belt and Road Advisory. Follow the series to learn about the opportunities that the Belt and Road Initiative opens to European businesses.


This article will:

  • Draw your attention to the role of local level entities within the Belt and Road framework;
  • Tell you how to leverage the Belt and Road strategies of your Chinese partners;
  • Show you a case study of how a well-known company succeeding at using this leverage.

The most successful foreign firms appreciate the differences in localities of the Chinese market. Understanding the nuances at the local level allows them to devise a strategy for their operations in China. The situation is no different when it comes to the Belt and Road Initiative. Get to know the Belt and Road strategies of your Chinese partners. It will allow you to tailor your own proposals that will resonate well with your Chinese partners and benefit your business.


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