An Introduction to Beijing Daxing International Airport

The Benelux Chamber is pleased to share the following information provided by our new member CCX (the Chinese instance for Credit Rating), as part of their promotion agreement with the Economic Zone of Beijing Daxing International Airport.

  1. Beijing Daxing International Airport (BDIA) Economic Zone Overview
    The Economic Zone of Beijing Daxing International Airport is partially located in Beijing and partially in the province of Hebei, in the middle of the economic Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and geographically in the middle between Beijing City and the Xiong’an New District. It is about 45 kilometers from Beijing's downtown area and about 65 kilometers from Hebei Xiong'an New District. (Picture 1)



  1. The Economic Zone of Beijing Daxing International Airport covers about 50 sq km., of which about half (24 sq. km.) consists of construction area: the economic zone is dedicated to aviation logistics; finance business; exhibition; trade; and technological innovation, but also open to other sectors. On the west side, a comprehensive hub for international aviation logistics will be created, with a focus on scientific and technological innovation. (Picture 2)


3. Industry Orientation of Airport economic zone
        Following the laws of airport development, we will build a 1+2+2 industrial development system that takes life            and health as guidelines and is based on high-end services and support at the hub, backed by the newest                      developments in information technology and intelligent equipment. (Picture 3)



4.Policy highlights:
Free Trade Zone policy; Zhongguancun Science and Technology Innovation Policy; furthering expansion of the opening of Beijing's service industry

5. Planning of Daxing Airport Area in China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Free trade area (FTA) is planned to cover 9.97 square kilometers; 81 items are listed in the first batch of                  institutional innovations. (Picture 4)


6. Industries covered at Daxing Airport Area in China Pilot Free Trade Zone:
Aviation Logistics; Aviation Service; Life Health; Technology Innovation; International Conference/Exhibition; and five further industries

7. China Free Trade Pilot Zone Daxing Airport Area - International Investment Promotion Project
(1)International Exhibition Center Project: Exhibition area: 300,000 m².       
Main functions: exhibition center; conference center; office; catering; and other supporting functions and facilities.(Picture 5)


(2)Comprehensive bonded area project(Picture 6 and Picture 7)


(3)International Aviation Headquarters Park Project (Picture 8 and Picture 9)



  1. Free trade zone innovation center (Picture 10 and Picture 11)
    Project area and construction area: about 70,000 m²
    Development and construction: Singapore Airlines City Company



8.Cooperation Model (Picture 12)