Press Release - Megi Cloud Accounting Software

March 27, 2018, China – The Benelux Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that is has adopted “Megi” cloud accounting software for all of its management accounting and financial compliance requirements. Megi cloud software automates and removes the time-consuming bookkeeping and tax compliance activities for China based companies.


“We are excited to work with the Benelux Chamber to migrate their book keeping to the cloud.” Said Valur Blomsterberg, Marketing Manager at Megi. “Compliance is a very costly requirement for foreign businesses in China. Megi’s automates much of the compliance procedures combined with powerful business intelligence tools to provide managers with the information they need to make important financial decisions anywhere, anytime.” Valur added.


Following a board resolution, Bencham officially adopted Megi in January 2018. “Thus far, we are really pleased with the accounting service provided by Megi. Their products have greatly enhanced our organization in terms of efficiency. In addition, it helped us to improve our communication towards our accountant.”


Megi provides a special discount for all Benelux members of 50% off Megi subscriptions.  For more information about your membership and benefits for Megi, please contact us at or